The ApprovalGUARD Service is a free service paid for, on your behalf, by your Tribe.

ApprovalGUARD is the market leader in providing personalized credit advisory services. With this service you get:

  • Access to one updated credit report and score every month
  • 24/7 automated credit monitoring and alerts
  • One credit review with an expert advisor by phone each month*
  • Unlimited access to a credit advisor for quick credit questions
  • Regularly updated credit articles and helpful tips
  • Secure online access to your credit report and resources
  • All reports and resources are secure & mobile friendly
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed | No credit card required

*All credit reviews are completely confidential.

SIGN UP BY CALLING 1-877-252-5859

You will need to use your Tribal Identification Number on the next page as your “Authorization Code”

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